Kathryn Robyn - Editorial Services
Who Needs an Editor?

Not you! That's right—if you can talk, you can write; if you can write, well then, you're on your way to publishing success! Right? Well, maybe.

You Don't Need a Professional Editor
If . . .
  • Your story is so good, readers won't care how bad your writing is.
  • You have already sold so many best-selling books, the publisher doesn't care how bad your writing is. 
  • You are self-publishing, and you don't care how bad your writing is.

Or If . . .
  • Your mother was a walking Strunk & White, Webster's, and Roget's, and your father the reincarnation of William Shakespeare, Emily Dickinson, and Mark Twain, so even your grocery lists are perfected genius.
Or . . .
  • You are married to a trained editor who checks all your work for spelling, grammar, punctuation, consistency, and sense.
The Truth Is . . . 
Everyone needs an editor, even the most experienced and successful writers. Most of us are too close to our own work to catch the mistakes or see the weaknesses in it. An editor takes your writing to the next level. Serious writers who are still building their reputations or those working to maintain one, know they need a professional editor. It used to be that publishers looked for the diamond in the rough and had in-house editors to bump the writing to top quality. Now, they want it to arrive perfect.

If you are looking for an editor to help you achieve the quality you desire, I can help. Here's how:

  • Copy-editing your manuscript to ensure top quality
  • Checking your language usage and word choices to ensure you have said what you intended to
  • Checking your sentences and paragraph structure for strength and freshness
  • Making suggestions to take your vision to its highest potential
  • Formatting your manuscript for submissions to publishers
  • Helping you self-publish
  • And more: content development (brainstorming your ideas, researching, writing), proofreading, ghost writing, preparing you for presenting your work to the public
  • In short, I can help you put it all together.

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