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KATHRYN ROBYN has been a writer, editor, and producer of literary and theatrical works that explore the human condition for thirty years. She was Associate Editor of four national health-care trade magazines, writing or editing cover stories, product reports, and in-depth profiles (one of which won her Cygnus Business Media’s Best Profile Award of 2005). She is also the author of two books that have been published and translated in over ten countries, both published by New Harbinger Publications: the top selling Spiritual Housecleaning (2001), and The Emotional House (2005).
Kathryn is presently copyediting and consulting with authors on a freelance basis; and writing plays, songs, poems, and prose in Midcoast Maine.
Kathryn has also . . .
developed, produced, and performed in live theater and musical events, including a NYC production of her own musical, Eclipse (Listen!); worked in editorial departments at Warner Brothers Records in LA and Scribner Educational Publishers in NY, and published poems, articles, short stories, and film reviews in numerous trade journals and anthologies.

My editing and writing experiences are broad, just like my interests are. Being a generalist allows me to enjoy and express the diversity of challenges life presents, as well as meet the editorial needs of a broad range of writers.

As a consultant on healing and healthy living issues, Kathryn led transformational workshops and facilitated support groups for over twenty years. She appeared on CBS’s Woman To Woman, the Discovery Channel’s Christopher Lowell Show, and NBC affiliates’ Good Morning Sacramento and The Midday Show to discuss her programs for fine living. Kathryn’s home therapy principles have also been featured on over 85 radio stations and in many of the nation’s leading newspapers, such as The Los Angeles Times,San Francisco Chronicle, Atlanta Journal Constitution, and St. Petersburg Times.

You Need It, I've Done It:

  • Non-fiction and fiction
  • Prose and poetry
  • Short forms (articles, essays, stories, news, songs, poems, slogans)
  • Long forms (scripts, books, magazines)
  • Preparing ESL material for English-language publication or submission

Professional Presentations 
  • Academic and scholarly papers for publication (not for school)
  • Reports, manuals, guides
  • Press releases, PR packages
  • Preparation for public speaking, panels, workshops

Let me help you get your work in shape for readers. I can't guarantee publication, but I can improve your chances by upgrading the quality of your work, get your ms. in shape for submission, or guide you through the self-publishing process with the best possible product.

Location/Contact Info:
Belfast, ME

Calling Hours:
Mon - Fri: 10AM - 5PM
Tel: 207/930-9145

Your satisfaction is my goal no matter where in the world you are. Most editing can be done via email and Word's Track Changes function. But I am available for in-person consultation in Belfast, Maine, as well.
References available.

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