Kathryn Robyn - Editorial Services
Remember, if you are looking for an editor to help you achieve the quality you desire, I can help. Here's how:

  • copy-editing your manuscript to ensure top quality
  • checking your language usage and word choices to ensure you have said what you intended to
  • checking your sentences and paragraph structure for strength and freshness
  • making suggestions to take your vision to its highest potential
  • formatting your manuscript for submissions to publishers 
  • helping you self-publish
  • and more: content development (brainstorming your ideas, researching, writing), proofreading, ghost writing, preparing you for presenting your work to the public

Here are a few comments from authors whom I helped to put it all together:

Praise for Kathryn Robyn's editing:

I found the line edit to be extremely helpful. There were a lot of great ideas that I had not considered, and I took most of the suggestions to heart . . .  [M]y manuscript is much more polished, and I am more confident after a professional overhaul. I would like to thank [you for giving] so much time and effort in taking
Yesterday’s Future
to a higher level.
Melanie Wilmshurst
Author, Yesterday’s Future

I wanted to take a moment and thank you sincerely for your edits and comments.  I feel like you really got me and what my story is about.  I have been enormously inspired and guided by what you [did for] me . . .


[I] was flabbergasted at your attention to detail on that edit. Wow, job well done!
Editorial Review Board member
Last summer, you edited the [self-published title]. I’m writing today to tell you that the book has been canceled. 
the good news is WHY it’s been canceled: because it’s been picked up by Random House!

The good news doesn’t stop there.  The big wigs at Random House made a point of saying how “ridiculously clean” the book was after the editing it received, which made them happy, us happy, and the author happy.
Editorial Manager (joint publisher)

Your edit of ____________  has been approved. I wanted to write and let you know that you did a 
great job on the edit. Poetry can be difficult, and you really engaged with the text, followed the 
author's style, and provided helpful insight through your comments. Thank you for such an 
excellent edit!
Editorial Manager
_______ Publisher

Hi, Kathryn,
We just received an e-mail from an author that I wanted to share with you.

I want to let you know that I was extremely satisfied with the editing I received from IU. I just want to tell the production staff how happy I was that the editor seemed to have such a good feel for the material and, after having suffered through a poor edit prior, this was most welcome.

Great work!
Kind regards,
K____ A_____
Editorial Services Coordinator
______ Publisher

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